In order to make the most of the learning opportunity offered by their school, eStudents have a responsbility to engage with their online teacher and the coursework provided.


eStudents are required to:

  • attend a 1 hour, online, face-to-face lesson with their eteacher each week, via their own digital device;

  • engage positively with their eteacher and fellow classmates and contribute to discussions and questions;

  • access and engage with all lesson material: learning tasks, assignments and assessments, via an online meduim, e.g. Google Classroom, Google Site, email etc;

  • attend all lessons (other than for justifiable reasons)

  • if unable to attend, email their eteacher with an explanation

  • view recorded lessons (for revision or due to absence)

  • complete coursework within the timeframes set by the eteacher;

  • email their eTeacher at least once a week (with updates);

  • respond to email queries from their eteacher within 24 hours;


For further information about eStudent responsibilities and requirements download the handbook here: eStudent Handbook.pdf



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