Schools affiliate to FarNet and provide a teacher to deliver a course online.  Each course provided by an online teacher - an eteacher - is designed in line with The New Zealand Curriculum.  Students from other affiliated schools enrol into a course.  Each class usually consists of around 15 - 20 students.  The classes are run using an online class ‘space’.  These class spaces include the use of a video conferencing platform and an area for curated coursework.


FarNet eteachers use ZOOM for their video conference meeting with their class.  The related coursework is developed, stored and shared using an online tool, e.g Google Classroom, Google Sites.


For 1 hour every week, the eteacher runs their face-to-face video conference with their class.  Students join the class at the appropriate time from their home school, using an internet capable device and ZOOM, a free internet-based video conferencing application.  During the conference, students see each other and their eteacher, which provides an opportunity to build strong relationships, creating an engaging environment conducive to quality learning.


Even though students only see their eteacher and fellow students once a week, through the online environment and a range of different communication tools, students are able to make contact with their eteacher as often as need be. Completed assignments, assessments and activities are shared with the eteacher mainly through Google Docs and Google Drive so eteachers are able to provide feedback in a timely way.


In addition, each affiliated school designates a teacher to provide in-school pastoral support - an eDean -  for students studying via FarNet.  The eDean is responsible for ensuring students meet their coursework obligations, attend their online meetings and communicate regularly with their eteacher.  



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