Enrolling a student is easy.  Once a school has signed a Memorandum of Commitment with FarNet, the enrolment process for students can begin. 


The school designates a staff member - an eDean - to liaise with the ePrincipal, so that the enrolment information of students can be processed using FarNet's student management system - PCSchool.  eDeans are given training and support so that they can complete their school's enrolments online.


Contact FarNet ePrincipal, Amanda King, for enrolment training and support.


A personal digital device (with inbuilt camera and microphone) and reliable internet access, are the only technical requirements.  Students connect to their online, face-to-face lesson with their eTeacher, using ZOOM, a free, internet accessible application.  Once downloaded on their device, students connect to their online lesson at the specified day and time, using the unique ZOOM meeting link or ID number. 


Weekly lessons are also recorded by the eTeacher and shared with the class, so that students can review the lesson at any time. If a student misses a particular lesson, they can view the recording at any time and carry out the necessary coursework throughout the week.



Schools affiliated to FarNet have the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of subjects. 


This is particularly beneficial to students where:

  • a subject is not offered at the home school

  • there are small student numbers in particular subjects

  • there is no qualified teacher for that subject or level at the school

  • a student has a timetable clash

  • a student needs a specialist subject of interest or strength their school cannot offer


FarNet can support schools to better meet the learning needs of their students through a professional, well-monitored, positive learning community.

Courses we offer

FarNet member schools gain access to a wide variety
of courses provided by NZQA accredited providers.
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