Becoming a member of FarNet involves a financial commitment each year. In return the school has the opportunity to gain access to all of the courses that FarNet and the OLC has to offer. A Memorandum of Commitment is required so that the necessary staffing and funding can be transferred. Once this has been signed by the Principal of the applying school, they become part of FarNet and the OLC community.


Joining Fee (per year)

0.1 FTTE in the form of staffing, or 2MU’s, or the financial equivalent.


Staffing Requirement

0.2 FTTE in the form of an eteacher, or the financial equivalent for the provision of an eteacher, to deliver a course online.


Partnership Responsibilities

Schools are responsbile for actioning in-school pastoral support for their students studying online. Each school is required to designate a staff member to act as an eDean. The eDean is the key liaison with the FarNet ePrincipal, and between their students and their eTeachers.


Contact FarNet ePrincipal, Amanda King for further information and a Memorandum of Commitment.


Courses we offer

FarNet member schools gain access to a wide variety
of courses provided by NZQA accredited providers.
Find out about the range of courses offered.

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