how it works

FarNet is a highly successful community of schools across Northland and beyond, who collaborate to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities for their students in an online environment.

FarNet belongs to a wider New Zealand online teaching and learning community - the NZOTLC - which gives students access to a wide range of curriculum areas, subjects and courses.

What are the benefits? Schools affiliated to FarNet have the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of subjects. This is particularly beneficial where: a subject is not offered at the school there are small student numbers in particular subjects there is no qualified teacher for that subject or level at the school a student has a timetable clash a student needs a specialist subject of interest or strength FarNet can support schools to better meet the learning needs of their students through a professional, well-monitored, positive learning community.

What is involved for students? Students are required to: attend a 1 hour, online, face-to-face lesson with their eteacher each week, via their digital device access and engage with the lesson material: learning tasks, assignments and assessments, via an online medium, e.g. Google Classroom, Google Site, email etc. email their eteacher at least once a week.

Technical requirements A personal digital device (with inbuilt camera and microphone) and reliable internet access, is all that is required . Students connect to their online face-to-face lesson using ZOOM, a free, internet accessible application. Once downloaded, students connect to the online lesson at the specified day and time, using the unique meeting link or ID number.